Fresh Eyes

A Chrome extension that adapts the colors in webpages for individuals with color vision deficiencies!

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The Condition

Color blindness is the decreased ability to see or perceive color differences under normal lighting conditions. Its various types affect a significant percentage of the population.

The most common and well-known color-blindness test is known as the Ishihara Test. This test consists of a series of plates with circles made up of smaller circles of varying colors. The colors are chosen and arranged in a way so that people with different color vision will see different things in the plates.

A lesser-known test is the Farnsworth D-15 Dichotomous Test, in which you are given 15 color swatches of a gradient, and you have to order them from one end of the gradient to the other.

Our Product

Fresh Eyes is an extension for Google Chrome that adds an accessibility function for individuals with color vision deficiencies.

The idea for Fresh Eyes began with the concept of creating an extension to assist people with color vision deficiencies. We searched and found nothing that seemed to correct color vision, but there were a few that simulated different deficiencies. We found one named Spectrum and decided to run their concept backwards and create an extension that would reverse the effects.

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The Team

Márcio Porto

Macalester College

Rowan Garrigan

St. Olaf College

Cameron MacDonald

Gustavus Adolphus College

Ana George

University of Minnesota

Sean Anderson

University of Minnesota

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